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’09 is ’0-ver

January 15, 2010

>I know I’ve used that headline for something at work this week, but I can’t remember what.
Regardless…. It might be a new year, but it’s back to an old job its seems. Or rather a familiar situation.
There’s too much to go into in full view of the eyes of my parent company, so you have to ask me about it later, if you really want to know.
The point is that I am now, once again, working for a publication that funnels everything having to do with entertainment right to my inbox. Hence, I’m the unofficial go-to guy for all that shit.
It does make the forced “utilization of my other skills” easy without having to come up with stories every week, but the downside is that everyone sends me stuff, and everyone want a story in the paper. Whatever ;-/
So I’m looking at my watch and it’s telling me that I have some time on my hands. What better way to kill, I mean make use of some time than by updating my blog. I guess I should really call it starting a blog since the last post I made was in 2007, and that was just so my photojournalism teacher could look at my shots online.
So here’s this thing I’ve been typing for as long as I needed to type it, and I’ll post my column from The Daily Sentinel’s Jan. 15 issue. Be on the lookout for those each Friday kids.
Blog started.
Phsew….it’s Miller time.
Or sammich time.
Either one works for me.

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