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I quit … at least for right now

July 12, 2011

I was finally being productive and going through all my old hard drives and CDRs. I was making progress. The plan was to upload my entire musical catalog from 1997 through present day on my website. Most of this hasn’t been released before, but after listening to hours of old recordings, I’ve concluded that whatever reason I had at the time for locking these tapes away was retarded. These should have been put out for a while now.
It’s not the best ever. It’s not the worst. But what it is, is 13 years of music I’ve enjoyed playing and mixing.
This all came to a screeching halt in the middle of a live record from 2004 when my web host informed me that I wasn’t signed up for the baller — flood the internet with audio files — version of their service. So for the moment you can see all the album covers, but you’ll still have to wait to get your hands on about half of what I was trying to upload. When it’s done, just consider this the box set I’ve been joking about for years.
For now, I’m logging off, taking melatonin & kava extract, finding the premier of No Reservations on my Tivo and drifting off.

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