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A little nostalgia

July 14, 2011

I’ve spent the majority of this evening transferring audio from old VHS tapes to a digital format. It’s been a fun trip back to 1996-1998.
Most of the tapes were from my band from those years. I wish someone had recorded anything from those Florida trips. Or rather, I wish someone hadn’t conveniently “lost” the footage we shot during our two weeks in Panama City.
Just like all the other recordings I’ve been going through, we weren’t as good I remembered us being, but we were way better than than I expected us to be. I really didn’t know what to expect today as I cracked open boxes that had been in storage for years. The result is better than I was originally predicting though. Another plus is that while searching for some of these tapes, I found some old CDs and books I thought I’d lost.
At the moment I’m writing this entry as my old friend Kevin Napier, via our “Endless Texas” documentary, recites a ridiculously story about David Hasselhoff — borrowing pretty liberally from “The Wizard of Oz” — as an Isuzu Rodeo crammed full of 4 guys, 4 bikes and tons of camping equipment makes its way from Tyler State Park to Cedar Hill.
I miss the shit out of those times … sometimes.

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