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Thanks and props to Vater Percussion

July 15, 2011

A little over a year ago I put a video up on my YouTube channel that I shot when the band I was in at the time, The Rust, was still trying out bass players.
While we were practicing that day, I broke a brand new pair of Vater XD-5B sticks about 20 minutes into practice, so I talked about it in the video. About a month ago I got a message from Vater saying they had seen my video and wanted to apologize for what was surely a fluke pair of sticks, and asking if I would try them again if they sent me some new sticks. I agreed.
This week I got a package in the mail from one of my new favorite people, Chad Brandolini at Vater.
He sent me not just one pair of replacements, but two. He also sent me a pair of XD-Rock, a pair of plain 2Bs and signature sticks from both Chris McHugh and Chris Pennie.
As if 6 new pair of sticks wasn’t enough, he also sent two pages of Vater decals, two Mike Johnston speed charts and a few pages of information about new models for 2011. The last item in the box was a copy of the Vater full color catalog, which is actually more like a “who’s who” yearbook full of badass drummers.
After playing music for 27 years, this is definitely the coolest I’ve ever been treated by any company. I almost feel like a sponsored musician.
Many thanks to Chad Brandolini and everyone else at Vater Percussion.

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