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I’m taking it back

July 23, 2011


This is more a declaration to myself than anything else, but ever since I started Made You Look Productions back in ’07, things have gotten out of control … well, out of my control.

I’ve let the MYL label fall off because I’ve haven’t done a lot with it. There’s still a few family affiliates, but we’re all just quietly doing our daily things, separate from each other. It is what it is.

The problem is that there’s some fakers and haters out there claiming to to have “made you look” as well. Some film maker in California, these two guys and this group out of Wisconsin are just a few.

No real worries though. I’m the only one with a dope logo built from my tattoo of a zombie hand. So you might start seeing it around the internet again.

I’m going to wind this down as I’ve got anther full day ahead, starting with another full cup of coffee. But keep this in mind — no one has really “made you look” at anything unless you see this seal of approval.

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