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There’s a first time for everything … even if it’s the second time

July 30, 2011

I did it! I’ve officially ended the cycle of not running again after the first time.

It sucked, as I expected, but the hardest part of “Day Two” was actually starting it. I guess that’s why I’ve never done a “Day Two” until now. And I almost didn’t start this one.

I was supposed to start it two days ago, but then family came in town and I conveniently found other things I “needed” to do during the day, as well as later that night.

“I’ll just do it tomorrow.”

Sounded believable enough to me. I can be very convincing.

Cue tomorrow — I kept “needing” to get other stuff done all day again. I was lying in bed after midnight when I finally talked myself into actually going running again.

I’ve been reading Stephen Pressfield’s “The War of Art,” and most of those two days were a great examples of resistance and how much you have to fight it sometimes.

Once I got to the track it was much easier. Girl Talk seemed to work well last time, so I cued up “Feed the Animals” and began my sets.

The first run didn’t seem that bad, and I felt like I was moving a little quicker. I even thought to myself “This won’t be so bad.”

The next thing I said to myself was, “Wrong stupid! Shut your mouth, and don’t say shit-else for the rest of the night!”

This was near the end of my third set when I hit my first wall. So I doubled my walking time, and sets four and five went OK enough. Set six almost stopped me again, but after another double walk, I got through number seven thinking, “Just one more after this.”

The last set was no trouble at all. I even sped up some during it. I walked around during my cool down smiling because I’d made it through “Day Two” for the first time ever.

Over all, I was moving at a faster pace than last time. I ended up adding a lap while running the same routine. I’m glad to be done, and I feel so good about continuing the program that I’m not letting myself listen to the part of me screaming about how much this sucks. There will be plenty of time for that before this is all over.

Time to rest today and then “Day Three” on Sunday. Another first time. Then I can decided if I’ll be starting Week Two or repeating Week One.

Girl Talk has been awesome both days. However, if anyone has suggestions for running playlists, I’m still all ears.

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