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Right back to suck

August 1, 2011

I almost didn’t want to write anything about Day Three. Quite frankly, I don’t have anything positive to say about it. I did it though, and I didn’t cheat.

What I will say is that I’ll be starting my repeat of Week One on Tuesday. I just don’t think that my stamina and endurance are built up enough to add time to my runs just yet. I might start incorporating some bike rides on my off days too just to keep the old heart rate elevated.

I’ll also say that music is key. My playlist last night was shit. I’ve hit the skip button less times on drives to Austin before. The same way a certain shoe might be great for one person and not for another, whatever songs you keep in your playlist to pump you up and keep you going might just do the opposite for me … and they did. I went on the Runner’s World forums to look for playlist suggestions. Some of them were an instant no, but then I had to learn the hard way with some.

Music has to be in the right time and place for it to really do its thing to the listener. I love Tool and the White Stripes, but they did nothing to help my attitude during my workout. Not everything I found on the forums was a bust though. I hadn’t heard “Breath” by The Prodigy in forever, and it did the trick just fine. Some of my own library was hit and miss as well. Pearl Jam’s “Alive” — thumbs up, “Black” — not so much.

I think part of what made Girl Talk so enjoyable was that it’s a mix. It’s constant and it keeps moving forward. I’ve got some other DJ mixes I might try. For now though, the offending tracks have been expunged from the playlist, and I’m sure it will get weeded down even further. I might post a list of what’s left when I quit slashing tracks.

So, not dwelling on a shit night and keeping an even keel about a second Week One this week.

And in that spirit, I made myself some Cinnamon Toast Crunch treats.

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