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Day One redux

August 4, 2011

I told myself to be positive when I sat down to write this, so I’ll begin by saying I’m positive my iPhone almost got thrown in the goddamn Ag Pond last night.

I should go back though. This began last week when my phone decided it couldn’t keep itself in non-silent mode. If the switch wasn’t set to silent, the phone would vibrate and flash the silent logo every five seconds. Not a big deal, but kind of annoying. I can no longer use my phone as an alarm clock, but I don’t need to wake up early, so I’m good. I’ll just keep it on silent.

Then, the last time I went running, my phone decided to switch into some scan mode I didn’t know about where it would only play the first 20 seconds or so of every song on shuffle. This was a good bit more annoying. I turned the phone off, restarted it and no change. I checked the forums and message boards and found the main fix was to reset to factory default. So I wiped my phone, re-downloaded the firmware, reactivated the phone and re-synced it. Everything worked fine until last night.

I “got through” my eight sets. I’ll leave it at that for now. Right as I began my cool down, my phone relapsed into the scan mode. I couldn’t exactly “restore to factor defaults” at the track so I tried to just turn the phone off and hope for the best. When I turned the phone back on and cued up the last song on my playlist, the volume kept dropping out. I thought my headphones wear shorting out or maybe the MP3 was corrupted, but when I looked down at the screen and tried to turn the volume up, as soon as I took my finger off the volume control, it would automatically turn itself back down to zero.

I felt my face begin to change into a FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU cartoon, but I kept it together.

I kept walking and opened the browser on my phone — even though the volume graphic in the middle of the screen wouldn’t turn off. The main answer I found was a hard reset. This I could perform in my current location, but after attempting it twice, there was no change in the volume automation.

All said, I can’t be too mad at the phone. It is a first generation that’s four or five years old at this point.  I’m fairly positive that the real solution is going to be buying a new phone. The question is — Do I spend $50 on a 3GS now, or do I tough it out until the iPhone 5 hits the market and grab a cheap iPhone 4? Maybe I can find one of the old shuffles on the super cheap until then.

Now that I’ve gotten the evening’s technical difficulties out of the way, let’s move on to the bio-mechanical ones.

I know I’m restarting Week One, but it literally felt like starting from the beginning. I even said it out loud at one point. It was like I got no credit for working out for a week before tonight. It was only 80 degrees last night but it felt like more. I just knuckled down and slowed my pace. I got through my sets, but just barely. I didn’t ever get any small sense of satisfaction or feel that tired relaxation after my workout. The only time I felt good at all the whole night was when Aesop Rock’s “Fast Cars” came through my headphones.

I’ve had some time since the run and I think it all comes down to the fact that I had a shit attitude from the start. What I plan on doing is purposely putting myself in a better mood in a couple of days when I attack this thing again. More importantly, I plan to keep going. I almost think the latter is more important.

For now I’m going to mix up a Kava/Melatonin cocktail and listen to Aubrey Marcus and Joe Rogan talk about drinking Ayahuasca in the Amazon.

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