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Less is definitely more

August 10, 2011

I’m not going to say that I wouldn’t have survived eight sets, but I’m more than grateful I only had to do six.

The sets were 30 seconds longer than last week, but there were two less of them. So in total I only ran an extra minute today, but this program seems to be about the way the time is arranged in the session rather than the amount of time itself.

I felt pretty good after the first set, but then I got slammed by the second one. After the third set, I reset my walk timer twice.

I’ve said before that I think iPods have some form of intelligence that we don’t yet understand. Their ability to play the right song at the right time can be downright uncanny, and it was during that third walk in the middle of my workout when I heard Scarface say, “I don’t wanna run, run no more, but I know that if I stop …

Message received.

I pushed my way through the last three sets trying not to wonder if every week in the program would start out this shitty.

It would have been awesome if this morning’s run was as effortless and my last workout, but it took me took weeks to get to that point. Day One sucked … both of them.

So I’ll just look forward to another very difficult workout in a couple of days, knowing that as long as I keep going, it will get easier.

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