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Building a better mau5trap?

August 11, 2011

Could it be? Is there a Deadmau5 video game in the works?

Something is definitely being worked on by game developers based on the videos Deadmau5 recently posted via Twitter.

The project appears to be some sort of interactive music sequencer, in which the user manipulates the workspace by way of a small robotic character dubbed Mau5bot.

It’s pretty obvious by the swarm of never ending “Rock Band” and “Fill-in-the-blank Hero” titles that the popularity of music-based video games in in no danger of falling off. However, while these games are more about simply reacting to a stream of colored buttons, this project seems to allow for much more creativity based on user input, much like the composer section of Nintendo’s SNES title “Mario Paint” or Playstation’s “MTV Music Generator 2.”

The question of which platform this new interactive musical experience is being developed for is still unclear, but based on the fact that the Mau5head has been available in Xbox Live’s avatar marketplace as one of the DJ Hero 2 items, I’m keeping my finger crossed.


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