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New Balance, you’re F-ing out!

August 13, 2011

Either I’ve gotten really good at running over the last 72 hours, or I was correct in my Facebook post about Kenny Powers being in my shoe box and have made a wise decision.

I had originally planned to buy myself a new pair of running shoes as a reward for making it through these nine weeks, but a friend pointed out that I was carrying around some extra weight. After I accused him of making a fat joke, he explained that cross trainers are typically heavier than actual running shoes and that while I could keep running in my New Balance 479s, I could make things easier on myself if I got some new kicks.

I did some looking online, and it seems New Balance isn’t offering the 479 anymore, and other sites that still had a few pair listed the weight at everything from 11 oz to 1 lb 10 oz. That seemed like a large margin for error, but then again, if I had one pound in one hand and two pounds in the other, I probably couldn’t tell you which one was heavier. I can’t judge small weights like that by feel. So I logged on to Zappos and began my search.

I’ve worn Nike Shox before and most Nike runners/trainers run too narrow for my foot. Adidas and New Balance have always felt great to me, and I remember having a pair of Asics in college that felt good too. I had three or four pair that seemed comparable, so I started reading consumer reviews.

The pair I really wanted were the Adidas Marathon TR 10 Ms, but most people said they were great for everyday wear but sucked as a running shoe. So I looked at a review for the K-Swiss Tubes Run 100s. The review had nothing but good things to say about the shoe’s stability and support, and the writer even compared it to the Nike Air Max as far as comfort went. Plus, their spokesperson is a fictional, former baseball star/asshole. Aaaaannnnd … sold!

The Run 100s are 11 oz and feel great. The sole is pretty springy and a bit weird to get used to, but after one lap, they feel like a regular pair of shoes, in a good way. I think the biggest benefit though, is that my feet felt good enough that the rest of my body didn’t feel like giving in like it did last time. Or I’m just awesome … it’s one of the two.

Also, I got a new timer app that will count intervals in seconds as well as minutes. This way I was able to keep my focus on running instead of having to keep looking down at my phone to see if I’d gone a minute thirty yet, like I did last time.

And by the way, these Santiossage Slides feel just as great after the run as I thought they would. Everyone should own a pair.

I’ve still got love for New Balance, and I’m not throwing out my 479s just yet. In fact, I’ll be putting them on shortly to go compete in this year’s Discraft Ace Race. I’ve never played at any kind of organized event, and even though this isn’t like a regular tournament, it should be interesting none the less. Hopefully I’ll have more to say about it later today.

Since I haven’t said anything about my music playlists so far in this post, I’ll leave you with the last song I heard this morning.

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