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The pleasures of insomnia are ones I’ve never found

August 17, 2011

So, it’s 3:30 am on Wednesday morning. I almost forgot what being awake this hour is like.

This will make five days since I played disc golf or gone running.

Well … I did make a few throws in the backyard, but I’m not counting that.

I’ve done more than my fair share of eating horribly delicious, but still horrible food in that time as well.

I’m obviously not going to wake up early enough to go running before the sun’s up, or even before it’s mad hot outside … so the whole first half of this week has been a bust.

I might not get back on track tomorrow (or rather “later today”), but I’ll start heading that direction.

That’s it, shutting off the laptop now. No more Youtube. No more Reddit. Just sleep … after I quit paying attention to “The Crow: Salvation.”

I’ll see the world again around noon. Maybe my new MIDI controller will be here by then.

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