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I think I have a problem

August 20, 2011

The trees weren’t the only thing dying at Pecan Park late this afternoon. My game seemed on its last leg, or rather like an 80-year-old Alzheimer’s patient … it was like I forgot how to throw.

I’ve tried out many discs over the past year, and I’ve narrowed my bag down to a small handful of molds that work well for me and I keep a couple of other spots in the bag that are on a steady rotation of molds I still haven’t made my mind up about yet.

My go-to driver has been (and still is) the Avenger SS. From the first time I threw one, it just worked for me. It went where I wanted it to, I could turn it over or keep it on a hyzer line and it was definitely my farthest flying disc.

I always throw one of these from the tee, and once more if it’s a longer hole, but everything after that is one of my Rocs. Rocs, Buzzes … they’re all the same … I just throw Rocs. Then, once I get inside the circle, I lob my Wizard at the chains. I keep at least two of each mold in the bag, and sometimes more.

The only time I vary from this is if I need to go hard left or up and over something. In those cases I’m usually reaching for one of my Whippets to throw a spike hyzer, but lately I’ve been trying a Predator for similar shots. I’ve also been switching between an Eagle, a Vulcan and a Stalker for tighter straight shots. If I’m looking at a wide open field I might also throw either a Surge or a Nuke SS. I’m still trying to learn these discs, and I’m not confident with them.

I thought this system was really working for me. It was working well enough that I could finish at Pecan lately around 5 or 6 over, but my score of +21 today is apparently a more accurate assessment.

The bottom line is that I can’t throw. I can mask this fact not only with the drivers I use, but also by muscling the disc through the throw. From everything I’ve read, I’m putting OAT (off axis torque) on the disc, but I understand this about as well as I understand stability. I’ve trying to understand it as David Feldberg explains it, but to me, understable turns over and goes right and overstable goes left.

At the Ace Race, I was told that the biggest problem with my throw is that I release the disc with the nose up. I tried to work on this today, but just like every other time I’ve tried to work on it, I don’t know how to release nose-down without throwing a worm burner.

Even before the Ace Race I’d decided to start playing some round with only my mids. I was even going to pull my Buzz off the shelf and throw it alongside my most beat-in Roc, just to compare. After seeing just how bad my swing was, I did some research.

Discraft makes a midrange called the Comet that a lot of people don’t like to throw, but the people who do throw it, swear by it. That immediately sounded like the classic Roc vs. Buzz argument, but a lot of the comments of the Comet were about how unforgiving it is. In other words, Most people hate it because it goes where you throw it, and won’t make up for the shitty kinks in your throw.

So my plan is to play with only a Comet … and probably a putter too. I did just find out the my 180 gram Wizard isn’t legal, so I’ll be using one of my 175s and probably trying out some new putters, but that’s another blog for another time.

After my first Comet round, I got enough to be focusing on for now.

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