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Just scratching the surface

August 24, 2011

This morning’s entry was going to be a be long, so I decided to split it up for easier reading. Also, that way I can paste the entire thing in 2 parts over on my Rooster Teeth journal instead of letting their character limit force me to only post a preview and a link.

As far as a workout in the routine, this morning’s session went as expected — a small improvement over the last session’s performance, as well as slowly building my lung capacity and endurance for next week’s sessions. What I realized though, is that any posts I’ve made about starting to see benefits were nothing more than a 4-year-old trying to explain how the global economy works.

That thing that I thought I knew about in previous entries, I caught just a small glimpse of it this morning. It’s much greater than what I’ve been experiencing.

At the end of my third set I saw it, felt it, however you want to put it. I could feel that my body was tired, but it was like I started to not feel my body. Not completely … more like I knew that my muscles were working hard, but I could shove any pain or discomfort away and Just Keep Going. I could focus with a thousand yard stare down the line, past the end of the concourse and just keep moving … faster even than I had previously been running.

And then it was over.

The little British lady in my phone told me to stop, and whatever I was experiencing faded off. When my last set came around I tried to get back to that place, but it was no use. I could still set my focus downline, but it just never clicked again on that set. I never got back to that place of clarity.

Raise Your Weapon” came on as I started into my cooldown. I really tried to to go inside and listen to my body during this time. I’m aware of how the different muscles and tendons are beginning to work together in ways that they haven’t in a long time.

I feel incredibly centered right now. I figured that feeling would increase as I ran more, but I think it was supercharged today by doing a P90x workout as well. I almost don’t want to try to deconstruct and describe how aware I am of my mental, emotional and physical states and how interconnected they seem at the moment.

I’ve heard several people talk about it, but now I’m personally seeing that there’s something to pushing your body not necessarily beyond its physical limits, but beyond the ones we set on it. I’ve had my own ideas of what’s physically possible for me, but now I’m getting to blow past those imposed limitations and really see what I’m capable of.

I’m not trying to brag or over-analyze. Today has just been very interesting so far. Now it’s time for waffles and some Community reruns.

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