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I brought this upon myself

August 30, 2011

Before I say anything, I would like to acknowledge that I’m extremely grateful for the 73 degree weather early this morning.

I had a big weekend. My brother came in town, and we helped move our parents to their new house. So at around midnight on Sunday, I was far more ready to sleep than to workout or run.

I was supposed to do Kenpo X on Sunday, and I had planned to run at some point that day. I knew that P90x would give me the option to take a rest day on Monday, so my logic was to rest Sunday and do Kempo on Monday. I went to bed, but I should have at least gone running.

All of Monday passed by without my participation in either activity as well. So where did that leave me? Doing Kempo X AND my first day of Week Four in Couch to 5K this morning.

Like I said, I was glad for the cool weather, but I knew that this was not only going to be a challenge, but it’s also the first session of the week. Those always suck a little more. I paid close attention to my pace from the start. As my times have increased, I’ve been taking it easy for the shorter sets, pacing myself in the longer ones and then pouring on the stream toward the end of them.

I had been a little concerned about “five minutes” until I was in that set. Then I just kept moving. Once the first one was over, I knew I was good. One more three-minute set and then I was on the the last one of the morning. The little British lady said, “One minute left,” and I could hear the Renholder remix of “Judith” begin to come through my headphones, so I summoned all the energy the Dark Lord could lend me and muscled my way through to the end of the session.

This morning left me incredibly tired, but that’s not the strongest thing I’m feeling. I just ran for five minutes straight … twice. No one can say shit to me all week.

Well … I mean, they can … but I won’t be giving a damn … not even one.

So what did I learn this morning? Two things:

  1. Stop putting things off … even for a day or so
  2. I love the Derek Trucks Band!

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