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You can’t serve two masters

September 10, 2011

I didn’t really believe it was Friday. The date on my phone said it was, but that had to be wrong. I checked the date & time preferences on my laptop. It had to be incorrect too … didn’t it?

I started thinking back — “What is the last thing I did this week?” I went running Tuesday morning. Sometimes I take more than one day off between runs, but P90x is an everyday thing. I finally decided check my last blog entry, and there it was. The last thing I talked about on Tuesday was picking up a copy of Dead Island.

I only ended up losing two days, but other than a long nap somewhere in the middle, all I did from Tuesday afternoon until the wee hours of yesterday morning was play that game. I can’t say whether that’s a testament to how good of a game Dead Island actually is or rather my incredible lack of self control. No matter how old I get, whenever I pick up an Xbox controller I regress back to a 10-year-old, staying up all night playing Super Mario Bros. But more about that in another entry.

The time off didn’t seem to hurt me on this morning’s run. When I get back around to Cardio X tomorrow, I think that’s where I might feel it.

Just like every workout where I have to add a time I’ve never done, eight minutes seemed like a long time until I got through the first set. I felt good during that set, and even with my pace, I made it a full 1.25 laps around the stadium. My calves were on fire by the end, but I recovered quick and felt rested when I had to start the second set. That one tested me, but I passed. I even went a little farther than I did in the first set. The whole “Dude! you just ran for (x) minutes” feeling makes it pretty easy to dig deep and pour it on for the last bit.

As for the days I missed, I usually wait two days between runs. So as long as I don’t make it a regular thing to skip three to four days, I’ll be fine. With P90x, I might not take that many days off in a row again, but I’ll probably take more than that off before it’s over. On the days I’m supposed to do X Stretch, I have the option to take a break instead of doing the workout. So while I’m doing this, if I feel like I need a day off now and then, I’m going to take it regardless of the day’s scheduled workout. I’ll just start the next day with the workout I skipped. By the end it’ll probably be more like P110x.

I have to really put it down next time — 20 minutes, no breaks. But as Wayne says, “Stop playing bitch, I got this game on deadbolt. Mind so sharp I’ll fuck around and cut my head off.”

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