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Time flies when you’re being a lazy ass

October 12, 2011

So it’s been almost a month since my last post, also since my last workout. I may have now successfully undone all the work I’d done before that. However, I did get some disc golf in yesterday.

My buddy is in town this week from Hawaii, and since he’s the one who got me into the game initially, he was able to get me out of the house and back onto the course. We didn’t get a full 18 in because there a new bridge being put in at Pecan Park that has holes 8 and 9 out of commission at the moment.

Tomorrow we’re heading out for a full day. The plan is to hit Nichols Green in Jacksonville, then Guthrie Park in Longview and finish the day by playing one or two of the courses at Lindsey Park in Tyler. Cain Park in Whitehouse is being kicked around as well, but that may be a bit too ambitious.

I haven’t been completely useless in the past 30 days, but I did, unintentionally, stop doing both of my exercise programs altogether. I’ll pick up the C25K where I left off last time, but I’m probably going to start p90x completely over. It shouldn’t be as hard as the last run through, but I don’t think Tony Horton meant for me to do 2.5 weeks, take a month of and then do 1.5 weeks each section.

While I should have been a better steward of my time in regards to exercise, I also should have at least written a blog or 20 over the past month. There’s been a little bit too much Gears of War 3 going on I guess.

So since I’ve left my one or two readers high and dry for the past thirty days, here’s a track by Feed Me that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do.

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