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Discs, discs, and more discs

October 26, 2011

Just a short update, but holy crap I’ve played some disc golf in the past couple of weeks.

My buddy coming in town sparked a lot of DG related stuff. I played a gang of disc golf that I talked about in the last post and then he and I played Veteran’s Park in Arlington when I took him to the airport. I also played Lake Lewisville and DeBusk Park while visiting my brother on that trip.

In Tyler, I was introduced to Lawrence at Onion Field Disc Golf. He’s got a good selection, but bring cash. I left with a Z Predator (which I’ll talk about later) and a Z Avenger … which is currently at the bottom of Lake Lewisville.

While in Arlington, my buddy told me to pull into the Quick Stop about a block from the park. I knew I was in for a treat because of the 30-or-so yellow Innova flags flying outside the store, not to mention the Ken Climo/Innova wrapped Chevy Avalanche that was parked outside. When I walked in, I didn’t want to leave.

I’d never seen so much product from such a small retailer, but it was hugely appreciated, and according to the local discgolfers on Reddit, the guys who run the store do everything they can to support the DFW discgolf scene. They’ve also got all the regular convenient store accoutrements, as well as some decent mexican food from what I hear, so stop by if you’re in the area. It’s on my “must-do-while-in-town” list.

My buddy dropped some large coin on a new stool/bag combo, but I managed to get out of there with only a Monster Lemonade and a new Pearl Z Stalker with a custom Captain America dye done by Dynamic Discs.

I also got a couple of new dyes done myself.

I’m still weighing the pros/cons of getting a plotter, but this one certainly pushed me more to the ‘pro’ side of the fence. If you can’t tell what it is, then you have managed to avoid being sucked in by my latest addiction, Minecraft. Deadmau5 got a creeper tattoo, so I guess only dyeing a disc makes me more of a casual user, but the needle is definitely trying to inch its way deeper into my arm.

As for that Predator I bought from Lawrence, it has become my favorite dye to date. I’ve only been brave enough to take it out of the bag and throw in once. I entered it in the Okthrowberfest Dye Contest. If you’re a member of the site, I’d appreciate a vote. All of this year’s entries are pretty bad ass, but if you’re having trouble picking your favorite, Frankie’s advice is to ‘Relax’ and vote for mine.

After spending some more time in the forums, I’m excited about trying some new techniques. My “Frankie” disc was the first time I re-masked the disc for each color application. The results are superdope as far as I’m concerned, and it’s a step above my previous efforts. I’ve got a couple of methods I’m going to try that should give me a marbling  effect, and I spent this afternoon putting together a gradient tool (I’ll explain how it works in another post, but for now, just enjoy the picture). It’s still odd to me to think about using Photoshop techniques outside of my Macbook.

Since my visit, my brother has pulled out his couple of discs from college and started playing again. He’s also made his own pilgrimage to the Quick Stop, picking up a bag and a new handful of discs. I figured I’d be an awesome big brother help him fill up that new bag.

Hopefully he’ll be throwing some of these in a couple of weeks when we both head back to Tyler to play a few rounds with our cousin.

I’ve also set up a Flicker account for my dyes if anyone is interested. All my new updates will be in there and I’ll have a link on my main page to it as well.

So I guess it’s time to make one more Jameson&Coke, fondle my Xbox controller and eventually pass out. For now I’ll stick with the theme and leave you all with an awesome clinic on putting by the great David Feldberg, made available by the fine folks over at /r/discgolf.

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