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When it rains, I pour … even if it doesn’t rain

November 8, 2011

When I got up this morning, I poured myself a glass of chocolate milk (part of my customary birthday routine), grabbed a few kolaches and headed to the back porch to read a couple of chapters in “Game of Thrones” while I waited on iOS 5 to download and install on my phone. If I had known that iTunes was going to strongly suggest that I install the new firmware, I probably would have skipped it all together and gotten on with my day. However, there were a few songs I wanted to put on my phone, and any chance to read the “Song of Fire and Ice” series is a welcome event in my day. I was amazed when I first watched the series, and someone was kind enough to gift me the first three books. Maybe someone else out there will find it in their heart to send me books four and five. But I digress.

My plan was to get up early and play all three local disc golf courses, but since the sky couldn’t make up its mind as to what color it felt like being, I decided against the idea. What to do … what to do? Well, my new audio rack does need to absorb my old rack as well as some other loose pieces of gear, and there’s been one or two things I’ve been making do without that have made every one of my dyes lately be more of a pain in the ass than they should have been; not to mention the pile of stencils on my desk waiting to be cut and dipped. The list goes on, but I won’t bore you with the results of my laziness.

What I’ve settled on isn’t the most glamorous or exciting of afternoons, but it’s my birthday and it will suit me just fine.

To fuel the day, I’ve acquired a bottle of reg-uh-ler whiskey (I’ve yet to successfully convince the liquor store closest to the new house to carry Bushmills). With said libation in hand, I’ll be starting by finally cranking out a review of a friend’s record that I’ve been putting off for weeks. Hopefully it will be more coherent than the Adreral-deprived ramblings in this entry. I feel pretty bad about not getting it done sooner, but it’s happening today. Still though … here’s a couple of excuses. I quit making “to-do” lists years ago after never finishing any of the ones I made, and most records have ceased to be something physical that I can set on top of my laptop, constantly reminding me that I haven’t review it yet. The result is being reminded that I need to review the record by receiving a promotional email about its release. My bad brotha. I’ll upload it to my site tomorrow so it looks like I did something for more than one day in-a-row.

While I was in town I picked up a couple of small squirt bottles to use with the shaving cream marbling method, and as you can tell from the above picture, I’ve more than re-upped on RIT. I should have some cool things to should you all shortly, but I’ll be experimenting later today with a couple of ideas I’ve been waiting to try.

I’ve got a couple of things around the house to do as well, and if a get a chance before the sun goes down, I’m sure I’ll throw a stack of putters at my practice basket a few times, confusing the shit out of all the old men as they pull up to the seventeenth green. Although I did just put fresh batteries in the motion light out back, so maybe even after the sun goes down.

I plan on ending the day just as it began — glass of something delicious and a few more chapters in “Game of Thrones.”

Until next time, I’ll leave you with a couple of tunes I found courtesy of the rabbit hole create by Aesop Rock’s IAmA post on Reddit last night. The first one is too awesome for words and the second is a collaboration I’ve been waiting to hear for some time now.

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