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Preparing for a shootout on the seventeenth green … well, next to it anyway

December 14, 2011

I’ve got family coming in this week for some early Christmas celebrations. We’ve got a few disc golfers in the family, but some of them are pressed for time this week. Since they won’t have time to travel to any of the courses in town, I’m giving them the next best thing. (Well, I really built it for me, but they can play too.)

I built a practice basket a while back and have been trying to up my Perfect Putt 360 score. My ADD kicked in during a session this past weekend, and I realized that even with just one basket, I’ve got a lot of room to work on upshots. So I began laying out the first hole of the Mission Valley Upshot Course, and I’ve got nine holes so far. I’m only using my Wizards at the moment, and that seems to be working fine. No run-ups, but the holes, while short, do have a few mandos and doglegs to keep things interesting.

Hole 1

Star at the corner of the house and throw to the right of the first big oak after the driveway.

After you’ve cleared the mando oak, it’s a straight shot to the basket.

Hole 2

Stand to the left of the light pole by the curb, and throw to the right of the small tree across the driveway.

Once you’ve cleared the mando tree, just hyzer around the bushes next to the garage, and you should be at the basket.

Hole 3

Stand to the right of the fire hydrant, and hyzer around the garage to the basket.

Hole 4

Stand at the curb, and line yourself up with the stump and the basket. There’s no mando. You can go around either side of the tree.

Hole 5

Stand at the curb where it meets the property line. There’s a straight alley to the basket, but you can choose any line you find.

Hole 6

Stand to the right of the flower bed, and throw an anhyzer around the left side of the big pine tree.


Once you clear the mando pine tree, you have a straight shot down the Perfect Putt 360 course.

Hole 7

Stand to he left of the utility box, and line yourself up so the corner of the garage is hidden by the tree. The tree is a mando so try to anhyzer around the left side of it.

Hole 8

Stand at the fence to the right of the the large utility box (not pictured). No mandos. Just get it there.

Hole 9

Kind of weaksauce, but I needed a 9th. Stand in the corner of the gate. You could thrown a tomahawk over the house, but you’ll be throwing blind.

Laying up or annying around the back of the house might not get you a birdie, but you’ll know where your disc is.

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