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It’s late, and I’m up

February 6, 2012

I almost started with, “I tried …” but that would just be a lie. I actually put forth effort with everything today, but nothing panned out.

I had a pretty casual day at first. I spent the majority of it working my way through a list of films I’d been compiling to search for samples. Lots of hours translated into only one sample that won’t even work for my current project, but it might come in handy later. That’s just the way it goes sometimes when your digging.

I finally got around to working out closer to midnight, and then took a walk outside. It was so nice I decided to go back in and grab the old Nikon.

I hadn’t done any night shots in a long time, but I’ve been meaning to give it another go for a while now. While is was awesome in person, the moon was just too bright and my skills too rusty to capture anything really good. I do like the shot at the top of the post though.

So I guess I can’t really say that I was unproductive today. I don’t really have anything to show for my efforts, but maybe that’s the direction I need to be headed in. I know visualization and goal seting are important activities, but those days always seem more like daydreaming about getting some work down rather than actually putting things into practice. I’m not going to think to hard on it though.

The definite call is that I’m sleeping in tomorrow. This better tide you over, because there won’t be anything else until maybe tomorrow evening.

I think I’ll end the day productively as well, but in more of a way that would make LeVar Burton proud. It’s 2:30 a.m., but in hindsight, even that doesn’t seem like a good excuse for trying to pass off a pair of headphones as Geordi La Forge glasses. Maybe this will make up for it.



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