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I shouldn’t wait so long to write these

February 7, 2012

Not looking at my run times before starting is working out (see what I did there?), although I did think today was going to be a five minute day. I felt pretty good afterward about handling five minutes as well as I did, until I double checked the plan five minutes ago. Turns out, all of week three is 1:30 + 3:00 x 2. I still feel good over all though. I may not have done five minutes, but three minutes went smoother than it did on Saturday for the most part.

On one hand, I’m finally starting to settle back in and re-learn to pace myself. On the other, I forgot to stretch before I started, so that was a fun surprise. I’m not sure if it’s the cold, the increased time or if it’s still the hills, but I definitely feel like I’m working harder. Not harder than I should, just harder.

I had something else I wanted to talk about, but I’ve spent the last few hours working on another project, going through some old demos and ideas. I don’t remember what it was. Oh well. I guess I could take a lesson and say something about ‘putting things off’ or ‘writing down ideas while they’re fresh on your mind.’ But … I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes coming up with nothing that I’m really happy with. I guess I’m trying too hard. So, I won’t say anything else about running today.

In other news, Netflix keeps making me impatiently wait to re-watch season two of The Walking Dead to prep for Sunday night, but I did just find an ice cream sandwich in the freezer, so I’m not that upset.

I usually have something clever to tie in from my playlist, but I’m off my game tonight, so I’m drawing a blank there. I won’t be leaving you empty handed though. Here’s something from a guitar player more of you should know about. Andrew Othling, who sometimes records under the name Lowercase Noises, regularly puts up “sketches” on Youtube. You should check him out.

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