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Forced introduction to realistic expectations

February 14, 2012

The most frustrating part about all of this is being killed being short times knowing full well that I have gone further. I have no right to assume that I should be able to pick up right where I left off after four months, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.

Before, with each session I was either running longer than I had before or running the same distance at a faster time. Even though there have been other times in my life when I have been in better shape, I’ve never been a runner. In fact, the most I’ve ever run before starting C25K was in the sixth grade. So in essence, every day I went running last time, I was a better version of myself than I’d ever been before. Right now, I’m a lesser version who’s just playing catchup.

The fog this morning kept one thought bouncing around in the back of my mind — “Keep off the moors, stick to the roads.” However, werewolves weren’t near as big a threat as my 5-minutes sets.

I was doing fine at first, even going uphill during my first 3-minute set. I had to let off the gass for the second half of the workout though. There was a brief uphill section during my second 3-minutes, but I was still feeling OK. It wasn’t until the sadistic cunt in my phone announced that I had a second 5-minutes set I was expecting that I began to abandon hope.

It wasn’t pretty by any means, but I did it. I thought about pausing the workout and then restarting that section after a rest, but then I heard those magical words, “One minutes left.”

On the way home I reconsidered the whole “not knowing how long I have to run each time” thing. I was back and forth between repeating last week and skipping the rest of this week to repeat today’s workout a few times. Apparently, Week4 is the same workout each day. So, I’ll soldier on through the normal schedule. Today was rough, but I’ve got two more times to try and keep it from killing me.

I’ve been listening to Ghostly Swim a lot this week, but I’m leaving you with I Am Robot and Proud playing with a Tenorion. I’m selling one if anybody’s interested.

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