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Feeling much better

February 17, 2012

I’m typing this first part before my workout because I’m excited about doing it. I’m looking forward to going running, and I wanted to be sure that I remember that afterward.


I just re-read my post about the last time I ran tonight’s workout, and I’ve got to say that I’m smiling. Even though Day1 of this week was brutal, after tonight, I’m no worse for wear than I was at the end of last week. After taking a look at where I was in September, I can honestly say that I’m doing better than I was on my previous attempt. That makes the sneak peek of next week’s workouts not so daunting. So for that second time, I’m staring at 8 minutes and saying, “Bring it on.”

I’m not about to win any races, and in fact, I’d have to walk if I entered a 5K. But I’m moving. I’ll stay off the soapbox tonight. I’ve said pretty much all I feel like saying on the subject this week. Plus, I’ve got a delicious burger waiting for me to devour it, and since I’ve been going through boxes I’ve had in storage this week, I’ve got to convert this disaster area back into a useable workstation.

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