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Best This I’ve Seen This Week 021812

February 18, 2012

It was a tossup this week.

On Your Mom’s House, Christina Pazsitzky was talking about the new M.I.A.’s new video, “Bad Girls.” Let me say, there’s nothing about this video that I don’t like. And if you’ve never seen Saudi drifting, Stop actively ruining your life and watch the video.

Another strong contender was “Kinect the Dots.” Reggie Watts is one of the most creative people I’ve ever seen or heard, and hacking the infrared camera on the Xbox Kinect to film a music video is an idea I wish I had come up with. While this video sent my nerd spidey sense into overdrive, it wasn’t the best thing I’ve seen this week.

That honor goes to an article on about photographer Terry Border and his blog, Bent Objects. I could take the time to tell you why this was the best thing I’ve seen this week, but I’ll let one of Border’s images speak for itself.


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