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Best Thing I’ve Seen This Week 022512

February 25, 2012

Hands down, the best thing I’ve seen this week was the season premier of Eastbound and Down. Kenny ‘Fucking’ Powers has been sorely missed since season two ended, and the addition of Jason Sudeikis to the cast gets a big thumbs up. While it was good to hear The Stooges as the show opened, I was still ready to hear Freddie King start the season off right.

A couple of other things worth mentioning were the Ecto 1 replica on Ebay, and the episode of The Brian Callen Show with Will Sasso. There were more than a few moments where I found myself laughing out loud, but for a real treat, skip ahead to 50:40 to watch Sasso impersonate Hulk Hogan singing “The Gambler.” The last thing I’d suggest checking out is Louis CK repeatedly asking Donald Rumsfeld if he’s a lizard person on the Opie & Anthony Show.

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