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LMAFO at how well this worked

February 25, 2012

I took the advice of a post from /r/running this morning. For those of you who don’t like to read long posts, it basically said that (hills, training and new runners aside) if you’re getting winded during your run, you’re running too fast. So as I set out to tackle the 20-minute hurdle for the second time, I put down my pride and got my “old man shuffle” on.

If you were so inclined as to take advice from me, I’d tell you that this works … very well. I also tried a breathing technique someone posted where you exhale for one more count that you breathe in. I don’t know if it really helps purge extra CO2 from deep inside your lungs, but I did find that I was able to go from in-3/out-4 to in-4/out5 during the run. I’m no scientist, but in my book, taking longer breaths and increasing the time between them means I’m using oxygen more effectively. The only time I was really breathing heavy was during a midway battle with a significant incline. Even the normal gradual hills that can leave me winded seemed relatively no problem at all.

Now granted, you are moving slowly. In fact, if you slow down too much, you’ll be walking, but you only really notice how slow you’re going if you look to the side and watch mailboxes and trees creep by. You’re supposed to be looking forward the whole time anyway though. If I was running somewhere around other people, they would have all passed me, but good form, don’t go anaerobic, gradually increase speed & lung capacity, etc.

A little over half way I began to feel the burn in my entire lower body, but after 20 minutes I felt pretty good. Recovery was short as well. I think the next upgrade is going to be a heart rate monitor. I’m really surprised by today’s results and am looking forward to researching this a bit more. I’m not planning on picking one up until C25K is over though, so in the meantime, if anyone has suggestions on makes and models, drop me an email, a tweet, or a comment on Google+.

The surprise winner of best song goes to Poison for their 1990 hit “Unskinny Bob.” When it came on, I actually smiled, my mood shifted and everything got easier. I guess my 8th/9th grade musical tastes aren’t completely worthless. Remind me to go back and thank that kid whenever they finally invented time travel.

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