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Work done, now selfish reward time

February 29, 2012

I’m finally caught up. In fact, the last time I did W6D1, I stopped before the second set was finished. So I was already caught up by the time the lady in my phone told me to “Walk now.”

Normally it’s my calf muscles are the major sore spots, but my quads and my ass are starting to join in the fun now as well. My abs and obliques are reminding me that they’re there too, and I’m keeping my breathing in check. All in all I’d say the various sections of my body are working together as they should.

My favorite old friend who has showed up again is my sense of accomplishment. After playing catch-up for five weeks, I’d forgotten how great it feels to push myself beyond what I’ve done before. Tackling the session that defeated me last time brought it right back. In fact, I think I deserve an egg and roasted tomato on toast, and maybe some bacon.

I’ve been digging listening to podcasts during my runs, but it was nice to hear some music again tonight. Those sounds were provided by Edison’s new bat-tape “The Full Mustafa.” It’s free. Head over to and download it.

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