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And now, on to Week7

March 3, 2012

25 minutes. Usually my go-to increment if I’m in the mood to veg out in front of the TV and waste some time. Unless I’m watching The Walking Dead. Then it’s a full hour, and not a waste of anyone’s time. I’ve done a lot of things for 25 minutes at a time, both speakable and un, but until tonight, I’ve never run for that long.

I said it last time (or maybe the time before that), but that accomplished feeling at the end of a new run is still newish and it snuck up on me again tonight.

There was no debate, no coercion, no bargaining. I just laced up my shoes, cued up some tunes, and got to work. Although, the desire to be done with absolutely everything for the day by the time I nestled into my recliner with some leftover Chinese food did help a little in the motivation department.

As a whole, everything felt good, but I should have paced myself a little more when I started out. I knew I was in for a long haul, so I double a section of my route to maximize the flat ground. A little over half way I had settle in and gone into that weird autopilot mode I still don’t completely understand. I was even able to let my mind wander off and start crafting clever things to say in this post. I was creeping up on three quarters of the way and in the middle a forming a sentence about pushing through the difficult parts and how it gets easier when I noticed I was beginning to struggle. I quit daydreaming, slowed my pace, and by the time I got to the top of the next hill I was in much better shape.

Not long after that I heard the most wonderful words in the world, “One minute left.” Not too long ago those words were wonderful because stopping was the best feeling in the world. Now, they cue accomplished feelings and pride, and they also let me know to pick up the pace and go as hard as I can. Even after 24 minutes, I still had an energy reserve … a small one, but still.

I spoke a little out of turn last time, and the weather let me know that winter has left yet. It was just under 50 degrees, but with a 25-minute push ahead of me, I was more than grateful. And speaking of grateful, I was handed my soundtrack for the evening about an hour before my run, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. But, I’ve got Chinese food and last night’s episode of Grimm waiting on me, so you can just listen to the album below rather than read me rave about it.

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