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Really excited about this morning’s run

March 8, 2012

I feel like I was moving faster this morning based on when I passed certain landmarks. Other than that, there’s not much to tell about the run itself. Another 25 minutes, done and done. It’s what happened during the run that I enjoyed.

I really felt like I was in control during the run. In control of my pace, my breathing and my attitude. The raccoon that’s been on my route the past few times was out again, and even followed along in the grass for a short bit. (Actually, he kept trying to cross the street, but every time he’d pop out from around a tree or a mailbox, he’d be about five feet from me and then run back into the yard.)

What I really dug was listening to the latest mix of my current music project. I’m more pleased with how it’s turning out with every mix. I’m not the first to say it, but I would buy this record even if I wasn’t in the band. (Well … I’d download it and listen to it a lot.) It has been one of my biggest tests of patience not to upload every new mix or constantly talk about it, but I’m excited that I’m going to get to tell you all about it soon.

Toward the end of my route, I kept hearing something that sounded off.

“I don’t remember putting that kick in this song. The pattern sounds weird. Is that my heart? I don’t feel like I’ve about to have a heart attack.”

It must have been thunder because as I was walking back home, it began to rain. It wasn’t a downpour. In fact, it was quite pleasant. The pride that comes at the end run, the mild tiredness, the music I helped create and the rain all came together in one beautiful, synchronistic moment. It added a new element to the record, and now I love it even more. Soon my friends, soon.

I’m now showered and fed and I’ve got the urge to watch Farscape. But I don’t have time this week for four seasons and a movie, so an episode or two of Adventure Time it is. I can’t leave you this morning with anything I was listening to, but this seems to fit.

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