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My spirit animal is a Hotwheels car

March 13, 2012

Every little bit helps, and while small, those numbers are still an improvement. After last week’s debacle with the Felt Tip C25K app, I abandoned it all together. I dug into the Runkeeper app (it’s free by the way), and hidden away in the “coaching” section is the ability to create your own workouts. You can set up each section by time or distance, and even set the pace for each one — slow, steady or fast. Turn on both the 5-minute warmup and cooldown, and now you’re set. YOu can even access you iTunes playlist from the app, but I don’t ever use that function on any pf my apps. It can tie-in to your online account as well and instantly update your workouts so you can track your progress. I’m sure I’ll figure out better way to use it as I move along, and this might not end up being the best solution. But it keeps me from having to download another app for B210K and it also works with the Wahoo BTLE heartrate monitor, so that’s the one I’m probably going to purchase.

In other news, I haven’t had a side stitch since middle school, but I got one at the 20-minute mark tonight. I just slowed down and put my hands behind my head for a few yards and that seemed to tame the beast. I’m sure that I started out at too fast a pace, becuse even though I added 3 minutes to my total time, I was “feeling it” way before I normally would have. For the most part, Hotwheels only roll downhill, and tonight is one of those nights when I’m feeling like I’d be more than fine with never seeing an uphill section of track again. But, that’ll never happen, and I’ll won’t feel this tired tomorrow or the day after that.

I forgot I’d put my iTunes on repeat, and I’m OCD enough that I don’t like pausing or restarting the app. So I soldiered on and settle in for a half hour listen to the last track on my group’s new EP. Working on one song for hours in the studio can make you lose track of time, and the say kind of holds true with listening to one thing on repeat over and over again. Try it in the car next time you have to drive for an hour or so. But find me and trade me $10 for a copy of the EP first.

Speaking of … I’ve been talking about this music for the past few posts, and it’s finally released. It’s not on iTunes yet, but send me an email ( and we can work out a snail mail trade. For the moment, enjoy my playlist for the past couple of weeks.

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