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One more week

March 17, 2012

In the first half of my run this morning, I kept thinking that I was moving noticeably slower than usual. A quick look at my post-run stats let me know I wasn’t. I guess I just hadn’t settled in to the run yet. Also, I made a conscious decision to stop thinking about the stats. Just knowing that my stats were being recorded has been enough for me to run too fast, push too hard and end up being too tired. I’ve been fine after a cooldown and a shower, but the past few days, it’s been like my pillows have been dipped in chloroform. Once my head hits them, I’m out … for a while. (I think I was out for almost 12 hours today.)

So three more minutes next week. No problem. I’m probably going to head to the track after that for at least one run. I’m curious to see how I’ll do on flat ground again.

I finally got around to watching Talahina Sky, and that help form some of this morning’s playlist. Here’s a track from it.

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