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Gonna be a good week

March 19, 2012

Man, seeing those numbers drop off that average time sure feels good. If only hadn’t screwed up when I programed this week’s workouts.

I wasn’t aware of it until my second interval was announced — 14.1 miles. WTF?

I’m running straight through the whole way, but I’ve been setting up the intervals to mark the halfway and 1-minute-left points. I forgot to switch over to time from distance when I was creating the second one (and possible the third. I didn’t wait to find out).

After the announcement I put my mild disappointment aside and pushed on. I’d been making great time and wasn’t feeling all that tired either. I knew I was faster, but didn’t realize just how fast until the halfway announcement came way after my usual landmark. Since I was making such good time I just kept pushing until I was past the point where last week’s runs would end. A quick look at the phone told me I still had just under 4 minutes left. I was beginning to slow down, but I kept going, taking a glance at my timer every 20 yards or so. I had about 20 seconds left when I topped my last hill, so I literally ran out the clock, and then let the timer run another five minutes for my cooldown.

I might have been able to get my average down to 15:40 or add another tenth of a mile if I’d have programmed the workout correctly and not had to share focus with the clock for the second half of the run. No complaints though. I felt great this morning. Still do.

Enjoy one of my favorite songs.

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