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Just one more left: Darkest before the dawn

March 21, 2012

Today was rough.

I fixed the intervals in my workout, and I was set to make use of that fact to cut my time some more. It could have been my excessive slothfulness yesterday, but it think foolish pride is a more likely culprit.

I was moving briskly even in my warmup, and I overestimated how fast Monday’s pace was. I should have realized I needed to slow down when the first hill was trying to murder me. I was on a time high and trying to push through, so rather than slow down, my dumb ass made a second costly mistake. For the first time in almost nine weeks, I hit the pause button.

After pushing way to hard to get up the hill, I was convinced that I was so tired because it was Tuesday — my rest day. At that point I’d stopped all momentum to check the calendar and had to restart once I realize I was wrong. I was only four minutes into the run, and my mistakes caused me (and my time) to suffer the shame of the old-man-shuffle for most of the run’s remainder.

Around halfway I had my first bargaining session in a while. My legs were begging to stop, but I eventually decided I would feel worse if I cut my route short and let determination set in. It wasn’t until the last quarter of the run that I caught my stride (and my breath) again. I was able to finish “strong” (used loosely), but I didn’t have any reserve to add during my last minute.

On the bright side, the rain gave itself a short break this morning that was just long enough to keep me dry (other than sweat) during the run. The storm was so strong yesterday, that my laziness was in overdrive. I didn’t even workout, but I did say hello to a friend I haven’t played with in a while. And my Xbox was happy to see me again too.

I played Skyrim, and I’d call it a waste of time if I didn’t learn something that applies to this morning’s run. When you’re picking a lock, I’ve always assumed that you only gain XP if you successfully pick the lock. Yesterday I noticed that even if I broke a pick, My XP meter would get a slight bump. It’s the same point I (and many others) have made before. If you do something, you get better. In other words, Just Keep Going.

I’ve got one more run in this program. I’m going to rest up, start smart and finish strong. I’ll worry about times after that. It’s hard to believe that I’m able to perform even at the level I did today, but I’ll save those thoughts until next time.

This is the song that was on when I caught my second wind.

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