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Done and Done.

March 26, 2012

Some people might start off a post like this by saying something like, “Words can not describe … blah blah blah … random puffed up bullshit.” Well F a bunch of that!

Words can all kinds of describe how I feel right now. Two of them, in fact — “fucking fantastic.”

I might not be busting out 10-minute miles yet, but after nine weeks (14 if you count my first attempt) I have every reason to celebrate. I didn’t finish with my best time of the program either. That honor went to W9D1. But I did push the hell out of myself.

Way back in June when I tackled Day 1 for the first time I had two thoughts in my head: 1) “There’s now way I can finish this” (and I was only referring to that day), and 2) “This is how I’m going to die.” Thankfully I was wrong on both counts.

Almost not being able to run (slowly) for 60 seconds was extremely humbling, and that has stayed with me through this whole thing. I can’t run 5k in a half hour (yet), but I can run for a solid 30 minutes (probably longer). That’s a long way from my embarrassing performance on Day 1.

I think I’m going to program a new workout based on miles. If I set 3 intervals of one mile each, I can just run until they’re finished and check the time afterward. I want to think that it will be easier to get faster if I focus on distance rather than time.

Moving on to the music paragraph of the post, Girl Talk’s “All Day” was my playlist on Day 1, so it seemed only fitting to use it again on the final day. And again, if you haven’t downloaded it yet, stop hating yourself and do it.

There’s a great post on the Onnit Labs site (great supplements by the way) about being “fit enough to survive.” None of us like to think about how soft we’ve become as a species, but we have. One of the requirements mentions running a mile in terrain in under eight minutes. I learned the difference between running on flat ground versus hills back in September. Chances are, none us us will have to run down a deer tomorrow in order to eat, but keeping in mind how brutal things used to be can be helpful when you need a little motivation … at least for me … maybe you’re different.

So I’d like to encourage everyone out there to work toward your goals. Some days will be harder than others — physically harder, harder to get motivated, harder to just get started. But if you just keep going, it will get easier.

And if you’re a bit too much like me and need some extra motivation to silence the whiner/complainer in the back of your mind that begs you to stop when you’re working hard and tries his damnedest to get you you put things off until tomorrow, show him this picture … every morning.

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