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First post-program run

March 28, 2012


3.1 miles.

“That was a long motherflippin’ run Roy!”

There’s the tired you get from sleep deprivation, and then there’s the tired you get from working a long day. What I’m feeling right now is completely different. If you’re reading this on Wednesday morning then I guess I didn’t pass out before I published it, but I probably didn’t last much longer than that.

For a moment I wanted to be disappointed when I looked at those stats, but I re-framed my thinking. Sure, I completed the distance in twice the target time, but that’s not what’s important. The thing to focus on is the fact that my fat ass not only ran more than 3 miles, but also for a solid hour.

I kept my pace easy enough to stay “un-winded” for the most part, so I can knock some quick time off by pushing a little harder. I’ve got some work to do, but it’s gonna be cake … delicious delicious cake … mmm …

I did have three other things I was juggling today and had intended to finish them up after my run, but I’m gonna Nope right outta those responsibilities and read a book until my coma sets in. I think I’ve earned a little procrastination.

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