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New music time!

April 3, 2012

Traditionally albums have been released on Tuesdays. At least they were, when people still went to record stores to buy actual records. They might still though, and in that spirit, I figured I would take this Tuesday to tell those of you who were aware, that I have a new album available.

The Silent Sounds are myself and Chris Ahrens. We put this first EP together last month. We’re both pretty proud of it. We hope that you enjoy it, and that it tides you over until we put out the EP we’re currently recording.

The link above will let you purchase either a physical or digital copy of the album, and if you buy a physical copy, we’ll throw in a digital version, so you don’t have to wait a week to listen to it.

Most of the record is pretty chill & vibey. We’ve gotten some positive feedback, but give it a listen and judge for yourself.

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