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Best thing I’ve seen this week 053012

May 30, 2012

Holiday weekends and recording the new Silent Sounds record has been keeping me busy, but I’m dropping in to give you another update.

Back in my younger days, you were the cool kid on the block if you had one of these guitar hangers on your wall, and you were a baller if you had two or more. They’re dime-a-dozen online these days, but we didn’t even know about the “mail order” version of Musician’s Friend back then. We had to rely on the local music store to stay up-to-date, and if they didn’t have it, it didn’t exist. As great as these are, The best thing I’ve seen this week (if by “best” we mean “awesomely practical”) is the version sold on Stuart MacDonald that takes the “hanger” part a bit more literally.

I supposed there are a few of you out there who are less than impressed and just want something entertaining to watch. Well, I didn’t forget about you, and this shouldn’t disappoint … even though you’re dead inside.

Enjoy these monkeys playing with synthesizers.

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