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Nothing worth doing is easy (that doesn’t mean it’s not fun)

July 15, 2013

I won’t even bother to apologize for the extended gap between my last post and this one. Shit happens. This one shouldn’t bee too long either.

Almost a year a go I lucked into a dayjob that requires me to spend a lot of my time drawing in Illustrator. So in my off-time, when I could have been out at the bar with friends or playing xbox (and I’d be lying if i said those things don’t still happen … just less frequently) I’m a big nerd and have spent my “free time” reading books & articles and watching tutorials on how to be a better illustrator, and how further my Creative Suite wizardry.

For some reason I’ve always imagined Flash to be some unlearn-able thing that’s only for coders and HTML gurus. Well, once I finally got to take a look at someone working in it, it didn’t seem that hard. But as this first video will how, looks can be deceiving.

I studied up for almost a month, and then once I finally got my hands dirty, it took me about 12 hours or more to get to this point.

After a few fumbles last week and a couple of long sessions over the weekend, I was able to get the “finished” product you see below. It’s still rough, but you gotta start somewhere. I’ll reserve my gripes about conversion and compression for a later date.

Not to mention that in this process I’ve also had to teach myself how to draw on a graphics tablet. The image below will display the “skill” I showed during my first day with the tablet.


I should say thank you to Josiah Brooks from Draw With Jazza. Without his flash tutorials, I wouldn’t be the amateur animator I am today. You can check out some of his tutorials on Youtube, or watch his short films and play his games over on Newgrounds.

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